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06 December 2019

Analysis: What do the Party manifestos mean for the pharmaceutical industry in the UK

Now that the Party manifestos have now been published, we’ve analysed how their policies will impact the pharmaceutical sector in the UK.

02 December 2019

ABPI names Dr Richard Torbett as new Chief Executive

The ABPI has appointed Dr Richard Torbett as its new Chief Executive. He'll take up the job from 1 January.

28 November 2019

Analysis: What does the SNP General Election manifesto mean for us?

Our analysis of the SNP General Election manifesto.

24 November 2019

Analysis: What does the Conservative General Election manifesto mean for us?

The Conservative Party has launched its General Election manifesto, "Get Brexit Done".



15 November 2019

Haseeb Ahmad: What our new manifesto means for patients

The ABPI's President Haseeb Ahmad has written a comment piece on the launch of our 2020 Manifesto for Medicine.

09 October 2019

Analysis: Would ‘Medicines for the Many’ lead to many medicines?

The short answer is, no – but for those wanting a more complete explanation, read on...